Why MS-Promotion?
Webdesign is, what I am living for, so I can offer you a huge great knowledge. There is so much to take care of regarding legal aspects, design and search-engine-optimization. Let a specialist take care of these tasks.
How long does it take to launch a website?
It always depends on your wishes. Generally, I calculate about 2-4 weeks. Of course, you will find providers, that offer you a website within 24 hours. But to be honest, I like to take care of quality.
What does a website cost?
Most people like it quick and cheap. The point is, that a lot of websites look like that or do not fit to the aim you want to achieve. There is work to create your concept, the design and lot of other tasks. I offer you a good website according to your wishes for a fix price. Just check my offers.
Can I edit my website myself?
Of course! I am using a Content-Management-System (CMS), that offers you the possibility to edit your website yourself. I will tell you how that works, weather personally (on Gran Canaria) or via Skype.
Is it possible to extend the website after it is launched?
Of course! Just contact me, so we can discuss it.
Will there be a support after the website is launched?
If you wish to extend or change your website, just get in touch. I will do a calculation and tell you about the costs. Of course, it is possible to close a contract regarding a monthly support including updates and backups.
Which Content-Management-System (CMS) do you use?
I create websites via WordPress, the most used CMS worldwide. It is very userfriendly, so you can edit your website yourself.
Is it possible to create the website in different languages?
Of course. I can offer writing your content in English and German. If you like other Languages, it is possible to get your website translated or you provide the texts in the language you wish.
Are there additional costs?
Generally there are only the costs for hosting your website and your domain. If you like to close a service contract, these costs would come on top. I will be happy to talk to you about that.